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Has Anyone Had Issues With Hair Loss After Having Covid

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭

Since having had Covid, I have started to find my hair has become extremely thin and starting to bald now.

This is only since having had Covid.

Does anyone have the same ?

A myCOVIDteam Member

Yes. I have lost alot of my hair to. I AM GOING TO COPY AND PASTE WHAT I JUST WROTE TO SOMEONE ELSE HERE...Please find out if your vitamin D blood levels are low. I was deficient and I am now on my… read more

posted December 14, 2023

How Long Do Symptoms Last?

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭
A myCOVIDteam Member

Long haul covid does last I'm 2 years now

posted October 21, 2023

Missed Menstruation Cycles

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭

Morning Noleen, thanks for adding me. I have the following long Covid symptoms; smell, taste and then the most frustrating one missed menstruation cycles. My last cycle was 7 October 2022. Gynea can find no reason why I skip cycles, Im not in premenopause, not pregnant, biopsys healthy, everythings seems to work. Is there anyone on this group that has the same problem?

posted 2 hours ago

A myCOVIDteam Member

Yes I missed mine for a good year!

posted May 30, 2023

Has Anyone Else Experienced A Loss Of Pain Sensation?

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭

For example, I had a middle ear infection and found out accidentally and the GP exclaimed, "Aren't you in pain?"
Had an abscess near the root of a broken molar almost 11 days and was unawares until the dentist asked "Aren't you in pain?" Suffered from shingles, no pain to speak of, took a week before visiting my GP to investigate prickly sensation on one side of my scalp and sores/blisters...no real pain, though others who've had shingles speak of excruciating pain.

Anyone Developed Nodules In Their Lungs?

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭

I have nodules that appears and go . Also my D dimer is high also . Like to see if anybody is dealing with this

A myCOVIDteam Member

Hi everybody it has been long while since I been here . My nodules go and come . The 11 one is gone . I have other that appear but they seem to disappear after awhile than other appear. Hope everybody… read more

posted December 5, 2023

How Do You Deal With COVID-related Anxiety?

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭
A myCOVIDteam Member

Lots of hugs from South Africa, it is very hot here and it is not even summer yet 😁🌻

posted September 27, 2022

What's On Your Holiday Wish List That Could Improve Your Life With COVID-19?

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭
A myCOVIDteam Member


posted February 29

Any One Develop Lung Disease

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭

Any one discover that after they had covid started to develop other complications such as COPD.

A myCOVIDteam Member

Yes it's better than it was but I still am scared to get any thing like bronchitis or pnuenmia not sure if my lungs could handle that again

posted October 28, 2023

Has Anyone Else Had Alot Of Hair Loss After Covid?

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭

I had very bad covid in January, doctors were not sure I would live the first few days, I remember going to the hospital, then nothing, was in the hospital almost a month, lost the use of my legs which are almost ok now. But I am losing alot of hair, I can see my scalp on top, am afraid I will end up bald, it's quite stressful. If there are any of you that went through this, could you please give me some advice, is there something I can use? Thank you very much, it's getting scary.

A myCOVIDteam Member

Thank you for your answer Lola. My daughter is going to cut it, we have a friend who does hair, she suggested Rogaine and Nioxin, but the both of the cancause cardiac side effects, I have heart… read more

posted June 12, 2023

Hi All, Hope You Are Keeping Well? Does Anyone Know Of A Dr In Gauteng Who Specialiazes In Long Covid? I Am Still Struggling 2 Years On.

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭
A myCOVIDteam Member

Hi Sue! How are you feeling? Are you on treatment yet and is there any improvement? Hope so!

posted November 20, 2023
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