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Gaslit By Drs

Gaslit By Drs

While trying to seek emergency care has anybody else experienced complete humiliation and gaslighting from doctors?

posted October 25, 2022
A myCOVIDteam Member

It's the absolute worst. I have lost faith in our medical services. Long Covid is a physical disease with physiological issues.

posted December 31, 2022
A myCOVIDteam Member

I have and it was not fun.

posted November 19, 2022
A myCOVIDteam Member

My fiance did. Had to call EMS to come and take him to the hospital as I too tested Positive with it. He was having breathing problems and needed Oxygen and Meds. The head Paramedic acted like a real jerk about it as if we were putting them out. At the hospital, it took them 6 hours for a Doctor to see him and another 4 hours to get him admitted. Now they act as if people should have avoided getting it and you are putting them out if you seek help for it.

posted October 26, 2022

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