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Coughing Up Blood And Asthma Worse

Coughing Up Blood And Asthma Worse

Hi all,

So I got covid in December 2021 and was eventually hospitalized due to complications. Contracted covid again end Seotember 2023 and hospitalised again. My lung function has improved dramatically but on 7 types of meds a day as I have uncontrollable asthma. Been home for 3 weeks and back at work but fortunately i work from home. Suddenly on Wednesday I coughed up blood for the first time in my life. Still waiting to hear from specialist. Has this happened to you?

posted October 28, 2022
A myCOVIDteam Member

When I came home in February of this year after 5 weeks flat of my back from Covid double pneumonia, I had to learn to walk again, I was on Oxygen, and my body was/is still, so tired I can hardly stand it!!!! I came home with a cough that lasted 3 MONTH'S, 24/7!!!!! It was awful and about drove me crazy!!! I did spit up a little blood one time, but that was it, and I believe it was from coughing so hard!!!! Now i'm not saying this is the answer, but I started taking(swallowing SLOWLY first thing in morning ONE teaspoon of RAW HONEY and got the cough stopped!!!! I don't know that RAW HONEY stopped it but I stopped coughing!!! ❤️

posted November 19, 2022
A myCOVIDteam Member

Sounds awful Sephrenia. I have not had issues with coughing up blood thank goodness. And I haven't heard of it yet. Hope they can help you soon.. If it's just a little blood it might be from coughing so much. But if it is mostly blood I have no idea. Hope you are doing better soon

posted October 29, 2022

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