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Whats The New Protocol???

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭

My granddaughter tested positive for covid on yesterday and I am feeling weak and tired today but I had covid back in June of 2022 should I get tested or let this run its course???

posted September 2, 2023
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A myCOVIDteam Member

Please get tested and then follow the CDC guidelines put a mask on stay out of the public and test again in 5 days to see if you are negative. This is Nov 30th 2023. Covid is still here and we have to protect each other. Also if you test positive for covid call your doctor get paclovid for the symptoms or something else! Don't suffer and jump on top of your own heath. Just because everybody else doesn't get THAT sick does not mean that you won't. God Bless you and your loved ones.

posted November 30, 2023
A myCOVIDteam Member

So sorry 🙏 sending prayers

posted September 2, 2023

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