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Real members of myCOVIDteam have posted questions and answers that support our community guidelines, and should not be taken as medical advice. Looking for the latest medically reviewed content by doctors and experts? Visit our resource section.

How Does The Cold Affect Your COVID-19?

A myCOVIDteam Member asked a question 💭
posted January 17
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A myCOVIDteam Member

the cold has not effected how i feel.... i just push to keep going........ it's up to GOD i am 82 yrs old...... I AM NOW IN GODS day at a time and keep pushing.

posted January 23
A myCOVIDteam Member

Can't do the hot weather

posted July 10
A myCOVIDteam Member

No adverse effects

posted February 29
A myCOVIDteam Member

same as the hot temps we are having in South Africa now, over 100F for the last 3 weeks. Seems highs and lows weather wise have definite discomfort levels.

posted February 20

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